Why CCTV systems should be required in every barangay.

CCTV systems has been around for decades. In fact, it was used in 1942 to monitor the launch of the V2 Rockets invented by the Germans. In the Philippines, these Closed Circuit Television Systems has only been introduced and used widely just several years ago. If you check in Quezon City, they only started implementing a “No CCTV, No Business Permit” policy last 2014 which is just two years ago.

While several cities are now requiring businesses to install CCTV cameras, the barangay, the smallest administrative division in the Philippines, are also now being required to install security systems in their respective areas. Currently, both businesses and barangays are obligated to install CCTV through ordinances that their local officials implement in their cities or provinces.

Businesses, especially those small ones situated on roadsides are mostly at risk to criminal activities hence the need for the right security system to monitor nearby activities and inside the business area are very important to prevent or deter criminals from even thinking of assaulting the place.

But barangays are equally prone to criminal activities targeting individuals especially those who are alone, weak-looking, women, or anyone they think they can get something valuable with. There were many instances wherein even people driving their cars are mugged, robbed, and kidnapped in their own place in the barangay. Hence the need to require all barangays to have at least a basic CCTV system to help and resolve crime in the fastest way possible which is initially understanding what happened and identifying the culprit.

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