Safety Barricades And Barriers

If you are faced with the problem of effectively cordoning off an area in order to protect members of staff or the public, then having an appropriate store of safety barricades will provide you with all the equipment that you need. Easy Rack have an enormous selection of barrier systems available to suit all needs, from permanent systems through to portable, easy to install temporary solutions that can be installed in a matter of minutes and then removed just as quickly

For situations where a high visibility and robust solution is required, poly barricades are ideal. Seventy two inches long, and thirty five inches high, these temporary safety barricades are easy to place, and are brightly colored to ensure maximum impact. They are robust and weather proof and can be filled with sand to make them even more stable and resist winds.

When you want to be able to cordon off an area with a minimum of impact, a chain barricade is probably the best option. There are a number of different options available. These post and chain safety barricades are ideal for use in a situation where you need to be able to prevent access to an area but do not want to block the view of it. The posts can be placed very quickly, and are available as either a stake that can be firmly placed in the ground, or as a bollard that rests on a heavy disk. The plastic chain is supplied in a 50 foot length, and can be cut to size if less is required.

An ideal temporary barrier to cordon off an area for routine maintenance or other short term reasons is the multipurpose safety barricade. A number of units can be snapped together to prevent access to an area to prevent access. If you need to protect a spill until the cleaning team is able to deal with it, or want simply want to make it clear that an area is temporarily off limits, then these are the perfect instant solution. These safety barriers fold flat for storage, and can be in place in a matter of seconds to provide a visible and physical deterrent.

For situations where you need to be able to prevent access to an area for short periods, but need to be able to allow freedom of entry at other times, such as on a loading dock, when safety requirements mean that you do not want staff to be able to go past a certain point until a truck is ready to be loaded, a powered safety barricade is the ideal device to use. Once fitted and operational, the barrier can be raised and lowered as required, and will provide a visual as well as physical barrier to ensure safety on the dock area at all times.

All in all, no matter what kind of protection you need, and what the specific requirements of the job are, there is a safety barricade system available to meet your needs. From quick fix barriers that can be up and ready in seconds through to custom and fully adjustable systems, you can be sure that we can fulfill your expectations.