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    We only provide great quality work done by our highly-skilled and experienced security professionals. We do the job beyond expectations from technical design to costing and financials to project implementation through completion and after-sales work.


      Right Security Solutions is the leading designer and marketer of video systems and components used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes and has been in the business for more than 6 years.


        The team behind Right Security Solutions ensures honest transactions focusing on safety, efficient and reliable services, and setting proper expectations at all times. We always fulfill our obligations in accordance with the contract.

        How we do our work.

        The Right Security Solutions Team is qualified and certified to work on high-end and reliable products such as Belden as seen in this video…

        Right Security Solutions is a Solutions Provider.

        RSS is focused in providing security solutions to residential, commercial, industrial clients, and institutions using specialized skills and following local and international standards in the security industry. We bring together the experienced security engineers and the best financial and legal advisers to come up with the most cost-efficient, technically reliable, safe, and insured security system for the client.

        Our specialization

        Right Security Solutions is a leading designer and marketer of video systems and components used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes. Celebrating over 6 years in business, the company is unrivaled in experience in developing video surveillance technologies. The company systems are employed nationwide in high-profile, enterprise-scale installations by a diverse range of customers, including public institutions.

        Right Security Solutions focuses on bringing state of the art digital video surveillance systems and home/office burglar alarm to its clients. The company is expanding its horizons in independent & network access control systems and is a full security systems provider offering:

        • Open-platform Video Management  system with video analytics
        • A full selection of CCD & network  cameras, including megapixel models
        • NVRs, Hybrid DVRs and  video storage solutions
        • Advanced Matrix Switching systems
        • Complete Biometric and Proximity Access Control Systems
        • PABX database and systems
        • Structured Cabling
        • HD  decoders, virtual matrix display software and HD monitors
        • System  design and installation support from our Professional Services team
        • Security-related Trainings

        We can handle Advanced Technology

        To bring you the latest CCTV security technology, RIGHT SECURITY SOLUTIONS keeps on sourcing new systems and updating staffs’ knowledge from time to time to provide better service and to support our numerous dealers, our wide variety of certified CCTV surveillance product allows precise compatibility to all your requirements.

        Our Systems are Cost Efficient

        Right Security Solutions offers the most reasonable and affordable price to our market for security solutions and also ensures that we keep our customers pleased and satisfied with our highly satisfactory after sales support even after AMC’s have expired.

        We do have Quality Control

        To serve our dealers and clients better and provide the unbeatable performance and stability of the system, quality control is always the most prioritized in our company. And to ensure our products, we test each unit for a period of time continuously running before releasing it.

        Our Process

        • First Contact

          The first contact is either through phone or email. We then setup a meeting to get more details of your requirements. During this initial stage, we assess what you want to achieve which aids us in providing the right solutions for you.

        • Technical Assessment

          The technical assessment can simultaneously happen during the initial stage or initial point of contact. We usually need a few simple information from you. From the data you provided, we can then work on the technical design and costing in preparation for a proposal.

        • Financials

          Although everyone wants a reliable, high-end, and optimized system, it may not be for everyone. We have our in-house financial and legal advisers that help in tweaking and fine-tuning the costs involved in putting together a security system helping you in your decision to take the offer because you will know it is feasible after knowing our sound advice and excellent analysis.

        • Proposal

          After extensive financial reviews, we then offer you our proposal that includes all the details of the project from mobilization, to implementation, to completion and commissioning, up to after sales support. We make sure to cover all aspects of the project’s life-cycle to ensure your confidence in us.

        • Contract

          When you have finally reviewed our proposal and has come to a decision to implement the project, we then help create a detailed agreement with you in the form of a contract. Our legal department shall review this contract for your approval and if you or your company or your legal counsel has something to add or remove, we then recheck, review, and send back to you for another approval until we come to an absolute agreement. We then sign the contract and start building the system.

        What We Do

        By integrating the horizontal and vertical markets, supported by upstream and downstream firms, Right Security Solutions is able to provide you with state-of-the-art surveillance solutions to different verticals.

        The outstanding capability of Right Security team enables us to get a jump on competitors, placing us in Hi-End markets. We have the ability to meet your goals and are a company to team with that can provide leading CCTV and Surveillance technologies.

        Right Security Solutions has also been providing innovative networking solutions leveraging good IT to diverse industries. We strive to provide excellent and professional services to our clients and help them attain a smooth business workflow with today’s emerging technologies and advancements. The standard of today’s commercialized world demands immediate response and an almost flawless rate of delivery. We understand this and hence we have trained our team to meet those demands for our clients. Having a flawless data network means having a flawless business. We apply our highly regarded service level agreements to all our clients regardless of size, name and budget. We are renowned for our consistency and individualized service quality independent of scale.


        • LAN / WAN Optimization
        • Business process development
        • VPN Cloud setup
        • PABX System
        • Access Control System
        • Payroll solutions

        “Right Security Solutions serve nationwide. Serving clients is our prime motive.”

        Our Mission and Vision

        Our mission is to provide small, medium and large business owners the best security solution with the right products and services. We aim to become world-wide recognized solution provider for all your security needs.