Why Are Biometrics Becoming So Popular With Time And Attendance Systems?

Although biometrics had been around for many years, companies had not looked at the opportunities and benefits it provides in regards to time and attendance systems. The term biometrics is defined as utilizing one or more physical characteristics to automatically identify people. However, teaming up biometrics with a time and attendance system, can offer companies the ability to make “buddy-punching” (an employee clocking another employee in or out on their behalf) much more difficult than it has been in the past.

Companies both small and large can lose enormous amounts of money each year from this practice. Recently Nucleus Research published a report finding that annually, companies can save an average of 2.2% just by using biometric time and attendance systems. It’s no wonder that just its money saving opportunities have made it so popular.

In recent years, corporations such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Krispy Kreme have started using fingerprint-based time and attendance systems, realizing the benefits that these systems have to offer. These systems work by scanning a fingerprint (measures various points in a fingerprint) and allowing a time stamp to be recorded if the fingerprint matches. There are several benefits for companies small and large including:

• Easy and fast implementation.
• The elimination of “buddy-punching”.
• The elimination of exaggerated employee labor hours.
• Easy cancellation of terminated employee privileges.
• There are no badges that need issuing, replacing or recovering.
• Reports can be easily generated of an employee’s time such as total number of hours worked, times tardy, early outs or overtime hours.
• Ability to reduce payroll or data entry errors.
• Unauthorized access can be identified from a current or terminated employee.

Biometric time and attendance systems are available through several computer and office retailers, both in-store and online. There are many choices and options available, and it is easy to reap confusion in attempting to understand the differences. The best systems available offer a reliable, easy-to-use system that includes a set amount of licenses. They include the option to purchase additional Ethernet cables to support via network or direct to PC. They also offer several reports to analyze employee reporting, as well as offer a lifetime free technical support for your questions for the life of the product. It is important to also verify that the system offers support of the company’s payroll routine (weekly, biweekly, bimonthly and monthly) and has the ability to capture an employee’s time off, such as vacation or sick days.

Take some time today to educate yourself and check in to biometric time and attendance systems. Maximizing the profitability and production of a company is crucial to its success. Time and money saved with these systems can definitely increase both.