Useless CCTV

How many times have you heard news on the TV where it’s impossible for the police to get a lead on the perpetrator? You might say “countless”!

Just recently this month, May of 2017, an unsuspecting guy riding his bicycle at night was hit by a speeding car who might have overtaken another car and counter-flowed on the other side of the road. The biker was hit head on full collision and since the bike is much lighter than the car, the speeding car easily swept the bike and continued his course like it was nothing. The biker and his bike flew a few meters on the sidewalk. Later, a van stopped on the side of the road and tried to help the poor guy who was later identified as one Rodolfo Daang.

The incident happened in Cavite. Thanks to the useless CCTV, the police were unable to even identify the type and model of the car, much more get its plate number. The relatives are left without justice as it is almost impossible to get a lead on the car owner who killed Rodolfo.

The government should make its move on regulating the quality of CCTV cameras installed as they can be useless in solving crimes. These low-quality CCTVs function more like a dummy CCTV used only to fake criminals into thinking its a real one deterring them from committing a crime.

Here is the video of the incident

The police said that it was difficult for them to identify the plate number because the angle of the CCTV was “against the light”. Well, if you ask the experts at Right Security Solutions, it was not the angle nor the lights, it was the quality of the resolution of the CCTV.


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