Intrusion Detection

If you think of intrusion detection as you would for intrusions into your home, you will find that once someone ‘breaks in’ they have destroyed much of your hard work, both physically and emotionally. They have done damage and invaded your space. Effectively detecting whether or not these ‘break ins’ are happening is very important for your business. Effective intrusion detection can protect confidentiality, integrity and availability resources.

You have two choices here. You can go with manual intrusion detection or automated. In manual, you will need to perform searches to exam log files or look for other signs that someone has gotten in. But, with automated intrusion detection, the system will take care of the work for you allowing for a more complete exam as well as one that can be counted on and done on a timely basis. They can be host based or network based. Automated systems are generally called IDS’s.

When something is found by the IDS, it will alert you that a possible intrusion has occurred. This can be done through sending an email alert, by logging relevant information or even by contacting via mobile phone or pager. It will be up to you to determine what has happened and how it happened though. Usually, intrusion detection does not prevent intrusion, nor does it fix any problems that arise due to it. But, effective intrusion detection is still necessary and relying on an automated system will make sure you are up to date as needed.

With our economy slowing down, burglaries are up and you run the risk of someone else wanting to take your stuff for their own. While burglary rates have been declining recently, they still number about 25 per 1,000 households. It makes sense to have some sort of motion detection camera set up in your home or your office to catch any intruders.

The definition of burglary is the unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence. Burglary usually, though not always, involves theft. The punk is usually strung out on drugs and does not work, and needs money to support their habit. The use force to break into your home or office by breaking a window or slashing a screen. They can also enter through an unlocked window or door. Whatever way they use to gain entrance to the building, as long as they have no legal right to be there, a burglary has occurred.

Also, the building need not be your home or office for a burglary to take place. Illegal entry of any garage, shed, or any other structure on the premises also constitutes a burglary. Burglary can even occur at a hotel or when you are on vacation, it’s still classified as a burglary.

Unless you have a security guard inside to watch your property 24/7, the simplest thing you can do is to have some type of surveillance camera in place to protect your property. If you can’t afford a multi-camera video surveillance system, there are a couple choices for single unit motion detection cameras that are self contained and can record pictures to internal memory.

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