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I want CCTV | Watch using IP Camera

The way televisions entertain people has changed. In our country, we can now watch all Channel 2 programs in Iwantv.com as well as those Tagalog movies including the old ones by Fernando Poe Jr. and Lito Lapid. Watching your favorite noontime show can even be watched at any later date and time you’d like online. […]

Ensuring Home Safety with CCTV Security Cameras

In 2016 or even in the near future, you cannot be too complacent regarding the security of your own property. Crime abounds just about everywhere, and even the relatively most trusted locations are not spared. Crime elimination is a near impossible accomplishment. Nevertheless, crime detection leading to justice is not, cheers to CCTV security systems. […]

Why CCTV systems should be required in every barangay.

CCTV systems has been around for decades. In fact, it was used in 1942 to monitor the launch of the V2 Rockets invented by the Germans. In the Philippines, these Closed Circuit Television Systems has only been introduced and used widely just several years ago. If you check in Quezon City, they only started implementing […]

Impact of CCTV quality on crime

Thousands upon thousands of CCTV cameras has been installed nationwide and mostly for the reason of securing an area such an establishment, a residence, a park, or a street in a barangay. The purpose is to deter criminal activities and if such activity happens, the CCTV system should then be able to record and identify […]

Access Control | Am I really safe?

The Problem Your building is secure at night, but during the day there are several doors that have to be open. Anybody could walk in. What can you do? The Solution You need an Access Control System. What is an Access Control System? Access Control is an electronic security system which permits or restricts access […]

Fiber Optics

Generally, optics is a branch of physics (science) that deals with the nature, behavior and properties of light. Optics is also the study of interaction of light with other matter. It is also regarded as the sub-field of electromagnetism because scientifically, light is an electromagnetic wave. Applied optical sciences are often called optical engineering. Classical […]

Network Cabling

Small business prospects and customers usually require security professionals to clarify the distinctive system cabling alternatives accessible to them. We at Right Security Solutions can definitely help in assisting your company or your team of IT professionals in providing the right advice for your network cabling needs. Conventional Wired Ethernet (Category 5) Until as of […]

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

Closed circuit television, better known as CCTV, is technology designed for visual surveillance. Its purpose is to monitor activities in a number of environments. It works by way of a dedicated communication link between a monitor and cameras (also known as a fixed link.) Up until a decade ago CCTV didn’t get much notice. Now […]